Plan Options


In order to meet your campus dining needs, meal plans are offered for use in campus dining facilities by RSU residents as well as commuting students, faculty and staff. 

Commuter and Faculty/Staff plans are based on an academic year, not per semester. You may add them at any time during the academic year with the understanding that they forfeit as of the last day of the spring semester. Unused meals at the end of the fall semester will roll to the spring semester but no additional meals will be added. Commuter and Faculty/Staff plans will not be prorated when added in the middle of the year and are non-refundable.

If you would like to purchase a meal plan or if you would like to make a change to the meal plan you have already selected, please visit the Bursar's Office located in Markham Hall, RM204A (918-343-7558) 

Meal Plan A - $2066

-7 Days, 18 Meals Per Week $100 in Flex Dollars

Meal Plan B - $2076

-7 Days, 15 Meals Per Week $150 in Flex Dollars

Meal Plan C - $2096

-7 Days, 11 Meals Per Week $275 in Flex Dollars

Meal Plan D* - $1799

-135 Block Meals with $350 in Flex Dollars 

*Only available to Residents residing in 4-bedroom units in UVA & UVB


Commuter 50 Meal Block Plan - $527

50 Block Meals with $75 in Flex Dollars

Commuter 25 Meal Block Plan - $353

25 Block Meals with $100 in Flex Dollars


Faculty & Staff 25 - $183
25 Block Meals

Faculty & Staff 45 - $320
45 Block Meals